Texas Lawyer Sleeps Through Trial, Forgets Client’s Name

A Texas lawyer has been accused of sleeping through his client’s trial, and of also forgetting his name.

Martin Zimmerman was taken off the case, which took place in late August, because he was accused of dozing off repeatedly in the case.

Daniel Textor Jr. also remarked that his ex-lawyer, forgot his name and also failed to enter a plea bargain to spare him two decades in prison.

Textor Jr told state Judge Dib Waldrip during a court appearance last month, “This man has been sleeping through my trial. This is the same man who didn’t even know my name during… choosing my jury. This man said my name was Jonathan Dextor.”

Textor was arrested on August 8, 2010, after he was caught drink driving. However, he was then also accused of spitting on a police officer, who claimed that the defendant had spat on his arm.

The San Antonio Express News has reported that during the trial, Zimmerman didn’t call one witness, and only cross-examined two of the prosecution’s witnesses.

Textor could have been sentenced to 60 years in prison for spitting on the officer, while he also faced a further 28 years of incarceration because he was caught drink driving with a minor passenger in tow.

This lead Zimmerman’s client to instruct him to accept a plea bargain of 45 years for harassing a public servant, and 20 years for driving under the influence.

However, Zimmerman forgot to submit the offer, which lead to Textor receiving the longer sentence. This forced Textor to complain to District Judge Dib Waldrip.

Waldrip admitted that he was aware of Zimmerman’s napping tendencies. The lawyer claims that he suffers from sleep apnea though, and he even claims that his performance during the trial was still high, rating himself 8 or 9 out of 10 for his work.

Zimmerman wasn’t paid for the trial and Textor was able to reinstate his planned plea.

[Image via Photobac/Shutterstock]