Grand Theft Auto 5 Gamer Robbed, Stabbed After Game Release

A 23-year-old gamer was robbed and stabbed after picking up his copy of the newly released Grand Theft Auto 5.

According to The Telegraph, the gamer had been to the Asda superstore in Colindale, North West London, which had opened late for the worldwide release of the game.

The report continued on to mention a Scotland Yard spokesperson saying the following:

“We were called at 1.20am to Princes Avenue, Colindale. A 23-year-old man was shopping, then on his way back home he was hit with a brick and stabbed.

“He was robbed of items he had bought from a nearby Asda supermarket, including a copy of Grand Theft Auto.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, Grand Theft Auto 5 is reported to have cost at least $270 million to build and promote and is expected to easily clear more than $1 billion in revenue a year.

Forbes reported Sterne Agee analyst, Arvind Bhatia saying the following about sales regarding Grand Theft Auto 5:

“We see potential for worldwide day-1 sell-through of 6.5M units/ $400M for GTA V. For the September quarter, we have modeled ship-in of 13.5M units and for FY14 (ending March 31, 2014), we have modeled 18M units.

“For perspective, GTA IV (released in April, 2008) sold through 3.6M/6.0M/8.5M units on day-1/week-1/month-1. Also, for perspective, we note that Call of Duty: Black Ops II recorded worldwide day-1 sell-through of $500M last year.”

The Independent reported that the male who was stabbed and robbed of his copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 was taken to a north London hospital where he is in stable condition.

“We think he was attacked on Princes Avenue by multiple suspects although it is unclear how many at this stage,” said the Scotland Yard spokesperson.

[photo credit: AvinashOrton via photopin cc]