Five Children Killed In Mobile Home Fire

Five children were killed in a mobile home fire on Sunday morning. Anna Angel was working an early morning shift at Burger King when the fire broke out. Her boyfriend and five children were all dead before she made it home.

The fast-moving fire engulfed the Tiffin, Ohio, home within minutes.

The adult male remains unidentified. The children were identified as Tiara Angel, age 6, Stormie Huey, age 5, Trinity Huey, age 4, Sunshine Huey, age 3, and Domonic Fresch, age 2.

As reported by Washington Post, the family struggled financially. Despite their troubles, they were described as hard-working, “happy, and full of sunshine.”

Anna Angel and her boyfriend did not own a car. However, Angel was often seen pulling the younger children in a trailer behind her bicycle. The older children has their own bikes, and would follow along.

When Angel arrived home from work she found out her five children were killed. She lost her entire family in the mobile home fire.

Tiffin Fire Chief William Ennis Jr. says the fire originated in the center of the home. According to witnesses, the home was engulfed within minutes, impeding rescue efforts.

Neighbors could do nothing but watch as the windows exploded and she siding melted off the home.

Firefighters arrived and removed the family from the mobile home. Unfortunately, it was already too late.

Tiffin’s Burger King is taking a collection to help with the family’s funeral expenses. As reported by Advertiser-Tribune, Angel lost her family, her home, and all of her possessions.

Tiara was in the first grade and Stormie just started kindergarten. The Tiffin school district is offering grief counseling for any staff, students, and their parents, free of charge.

A funeral is currently being planned for all five children killed in the mobile home fire.

[Image via Flickr]