Multiple Fatalities Reported, ‘Active Shooter’ Roams D.C. Navy Yard, Five Shot [Breaking, Updated]

Reports of an “active shooter” at the Washington Navy Yard have been confirmed by police, and initial information from the scene indicates that at least one victim has been shot in the ongoing incident.

Update, 9:48 AM: Sharpshooter lands on building, media reports indicate, after being lowered by a helicopter.

Update, 9:43 AM: Gunman reportedly barricaded inside building 197 at Washington Navy Yard, “shelter in place” still in effect.

Update, 9:40 AM: Washington Navy Yard shooter described by police as an adult black male, medium complexion, bald, six feet tall, dressed all in black.

A local ABC affiliate reports unconfirmed information regardling “multiple victims.”

Update, 9:38 AM: A BBC reporter tweeted that “multiple fatalities” have been reported at the D.C. Navy Yard. Shooter still not confirmed in custody, U.S. Navy indicates the situation is fluid and ongoing.

Update, 9:29 AM: Police may have a person in custody at building 197 at D.C. Navy Yard, possibly the shooter. Person reportedly dressed in “all black.”

Four civilians reportedly shot, one officer shot.

Update, 9:24 AM: D.C. police officer reported shot in both legs inside building, shooter reportedly armed with at least three weapons, including an AR-15 assault rifle. ABC reports that the active shooter is armed with a handgun, an AR-15, and a double-barrel shotgun.

Update, 9:20 AM: More shots reportedly fired at the Washington Navy Yard as the active shooter remains at large. Shooter is armed with an assault rifle, and the victim shot is said to be “injured.”

Update, 9:16 AM: At least three people have been transported to the hospital, including the victim initially reported. The Navy Yard Metro is currently shut down, and the area is on lockdown as a shelter in place order remains in effect.

Update, 9:09 AM: A SWAT team is on scene, and a Twitter report indicates five have been shot. (Tweet below.)

ABC reports that two agencies indicated an “active shooter” is inside one building at the Washington Navy Yard, saying:

“D.C. police and the FBI say there’s a report of a shooter inside a military building at the Washington Navy Yard… Police are responding to reports of shots fired, and an FBI spokeswoman says there’s at least one victim.”

The shooter is said to be in building 197 at the Washington Navy Yard.

Some internet reports indicate that “multiple people” may have been shot at the Navy Yard in Washington, and the building affected houses at least 3,000 workers.

Twitter reports also indicate that “shelter in place” has been ordered as the active shooter roams the Navy Yard building, but the scope of the directive was not reported.

Some reports indicate that the shooter is armed with an AR-15 rifle, but the condition of the person reported shot has not immediately been made available.

The Navy has tweeted about the situation involving an active shooter, posting:

Additional information about the confirmed victim has been released:

navy yard shooter

As of 9:45 AM EST, the active shooter remains at large and barricaded inside building 197 of the Washington Navy Yard.