Colorado Flooding: Thousands Forced To Evacuate

Colorado flooding has forced thousands of residents to evacuate. The Colorado National Guard has responded to assist with the evacuation. The floods are responsible for killing three and destroying numerous homes.

Boulder, Colorado, and many surrounding communities, have seen widespread damage. As the rain continues to fall, residents are warned to be cautious.

As reported by The Weather Channel, CDOT has issued an emergency travel advisory. Residents are advised to avoid all state and interstate highways in Boulder, Clear Creek, Larimer, and Jefferson.

Numerous motorists were stranded inside or on top of their vehicles as flood waters covered the roads. Motorists are reminded to avoid driving through standing water as well.

At least 60 miles along I-25 remain closed between Highway 7 to the Wyoming border. Road closure updates are being provided by CDOT through Twitter.

Federal disaster relief funds were approved by President Obama for Boulder, El Paso, and Larimer counties. The approval will allow FEMA to assist with the Colorado flooding.

Several mountain towns remain isolated due to mudslides and high water. Residents of Jamestown and Lyons have been stranded with no electricity or telephones since early this week.

Rescue aircraft will respond to the area as soon as possible. They are currently grounded due to the weather.

The rain is expected to diminish today. However, it will continue intermittently throughout the weekend.

The Colorado flooding is affecting residents in an 130 mile stretch from Fort Collins to Boulder. As reported by Chicago Tribune, the water is expected to subside as the rain slows down.

Boulder County Emergency Operations Center spokesman Mike Banuelos says that although the rain has slowed, it is still “a pretty dangerous situation.”

The full extent of the damage cannot be assessed until all communities are reached and all missing people are accounted for. At least 20 people remain missing.

Officials have asked residents to report missing friends and family at 303-776-2927.

The Colorado flooding may soon subside. However, the damage has devastated numerous communities.

[image via Flickr]