Syrian Writer Elizabeth O'Bagy Fired After Kerry And McCain Cite Her Work

Syrian analyst writer Elizabeth O'Bagy has lost her job after she was quoted by Secretary of State John Kerry and Senator John McCain.

Both politicians quoted an op-ed O'Bagy wrote for the Wall Street Journal.

O'Bagy, an analysts at the Institute for the Study of War, received her job after telling her bosses that she had received her doctorate from Georgetown University.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the institute writes:

"The Institute for the Study of War has learned and confirmed that, contrary to her representations, Ms. Elizabeth O'Bagy does not in fact have a Ph.D. degree from Georgetown University. ISW has accordingly terminated Ms. O'Bagy's employment, effective immediately."
Elizabeth O'Bagy had worked for the institute for the last year and spent her first few months as an intern. She excelled as a researcher for the institute and moved through the ranks quickly.

The piece quoted by John Kerry and John McCain was titled "On the Front Lines of Syria's Civil War." In the piece, Elizabeth O'Bagy wrote about how extremists and moderates exercise control over distinct areas of the country and how checkpoints are often set up to define territory. O'Bagy also wrote about distinct areas where moderate rebels are in control and can keep weapons out of the hands of extremists.

O'Bagy was originally listed as a "senior analyst" at the institute, and later her affiliation with the Syrian Emergency Task Force, a non-profit organization based in Washington, was revealed.

On Twitter, O'Bagy said she never attempted to conceal her ties with opposition and rebel commanders. She also noted that she was never paid to advocate her views on Syria.

On September 7, O'Bagy tweeted:

"I'm not trying to trick America here."
At this time, it is not known if O'Bagy still holds her original position with SETF.