Heart Attack Burgers and Flatliner Fries Ok – Just No Slutty Nurses

The Heart Attack Grill is under attack from the nursing lobby, not becuase they refuse to serve diet coke, sell cigarettes without filters, or hamburgers called the quadruple bypass. No, Heart Attack grill is in trouble because the owner of Heart Attack Grill dresses the waitresses as “nurses” so after you have eaten your single, double to triple bypass the slutty nurse professional wait staff will wheel you out to your car.

The nursing lobby says this gives nurses a bad name and encourages the stereotype of “slutty nurses” and gives people the idea that nurses are people you can have “anonymous sex” with.

For a laugh check out the video here.

I love the journo’s comment, “what’s next Doctors coming after Dr Pepper?” We think that will just be Guns and Roses fans.

The nurses lobby comment that this sort of thing stops people from becoming nurses and therefore kills thousands of people is a joke. I can’t wait to seem them take on the porn industry, because they have been naughty, naughty boys with their portrayal of nurses.

Of course the biggest winner here will be the Heart Attack Grill and their campaign about political correctness, which has received a massive boost of free publicity that shuld see the owners laughing all the way to the deep fryer.