Sheppey Crossing Crash Leaves Dozens Hurt After 130 Car Accident

Miraculously no one was killed when more than 130 vehicles crashed into each other on a British highway Thursday morning.

According to BBC News, One witness said visibility had been very poor at the time of the crash, but drivers were approaching the crossing with no lights.

Others at the scene described a mass of tangled cars, lorries, and a car transporter. Some reports said the crash went on for 10 minutes as cars continuously collided with each other.

Over 200 people where reported injured during the crash, some more severe then others.

Another BBC News report states that eight of those hurt where serious injuries, and 27 total needed hospital treatment. Responders also treated some 200 people at the scene.

BBC News continued on to say that firefighters had to free five people from their vehicles on the southbound carriageway.

Jaime Emmett, a 19-year-old student who was driving through the fog, said she managed to stop in time but a van collided with her car, and she then hit a car in front.

She said the fog was so thick she could only see a few cars ahead but added: “All I could hear was the cars smashing in front of each other and I could not know how far ahead the accident was.”

Later she said she could see “smashed cars everywhere”, a lorry that had crashed into the central reservation and ambulance crews helping injured people with one team carrying a man in a stretcher.

Martin Stammers told reporters, “The visibility was that bad you couldn’t see any tail lights or anything like that.

“On the other side of the carriageway there were cars that were going way too fast. Some were going up to 60 or 70mph.

“It was eerily quiet at the beginning. All you could hear was the screeching of the cars and these thuds. It seemed to go on forever.”

The thick fog and lack of visibility is currently the reason to the 130 car pileup during the Sheppey Crossing crash.

[Image via CNN & BBC]

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