Jacob Soliz-Amaya Fights Off Father’s Ex-Girlfriend During Murder Attempt

Eight-year-old Jacob Soliz-Amaya is being called a hero after he fought of his father’s ex-girlfriend as she allegedly tried to kill him.

ABC News reported that Jacob was asleep in his home in Cheverly, Maryland when his father’s ex-girlfriend, identified as Helen Newsome, emerged from a hiding place in the home and smothered the boy with a pillow.

The Huffington Post added that while smothering Jacob, Newsome allegedly began beating him over the head with a dumbbell.

Authorities say Newsome hid in the home for more than 12 hours waiting for the boy’s father to go to work before she went after the child.

Jacob wasn’t going to just let Newsome get the best of him, not when he had a few moves up his sleeves.

“As Jacob starts to fight, he is hit in the head by a dumbbell,” Prince George’s County Police Capt. Jimmy Simms told ABCNews.com. “He had the mindset to fight for his life and run for help.”

Police say that Jacob’s father had broken up with Newsome last week.

“She was trying to hurt him by hurting me because he loves me more than anything because I’m his son. I head butted her. She wasn’t looking, so I ran out,” Jacob said.

After Jacob broke free of Newsome, he began to run out of the room, but was once again hit by the dumbbell, but Jacob was able to hold himself together and run to safety.

It was at that point that Jacob ran to a neighbor’s house and asked for help and was able to identify Newsome as his attacker according to Simms.

CBS Baltimore stated that Jacob’s parents are both angry and horrified of what has happened to their son, but they couldn’t be more proud of their son.

“He fought her off. He did what he needed to do to survive” his mother said.

“That’s as brave as a kid can get,” his father said.

“I don’t like getting smothered or getting beaten up,” Jacob said.

ABC News reported that Newsome has been charged with first-degree attempted murder and is being held on a $500,000 bond.

Jacob Soliz-Amaya is being called a hero for his actions in getting away from his attacker, and reports have stated that police are working on a special reward to honor his bravery.

[Image via ABC7DC]