McCain On Syria: Obama Doesn't Need Congress But Military Strike Must Include Ground Troops

John McCain's opinion on Syria might surprise you.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, besides Syria, John McCain says the US has no credibility in the Middle East.

While Congress is split on a military strike on Syria, the split is not among the usual party lines. You just have to look at John McCain on Syria for the perfect example.

John McCain believes this is a "critical moment" to act against the Assad regime in Syria. McCain believes if we do not attack then "our word is invalid". Many Republicans believe President Obama should not attack Syria with a unilateral Presidential order, but John McCain says Syria may be attacked without a Congressional vote based upon the War Powers Act.

President Obama has been calling for a limited military strike on Syria. But the intel report on Syria is "not a slam dunk" according to CIA intelligence officials despite Obama and John Kerry saying otherwise about chemical weapons. The CIA's intel report can't say for certain whether Assad ordered the usage of chemical weapons and they also aren't sure where they are currently located.

Because of this, the opinion of John McCain on Syria includes the necessity to commit American ground troops:

"To do something that really doesn't change anything, in other words some token strikes, and then some time later, Bashar Assad uses those chemical weapons again. What then? Go through the same routine? You provide the weapons and you take out the air power that is the distinct advantage that Bashar Assad had, you commit to no American troops on the ground, and you can reverse this.''
Do you agree with John McCain on Syria?