Kittens Shut Down New York Subway System For Hours [Video]

Two adorable kittens were responsible for shutting down part of New York City’s subway system in Brooklyn on Thursday. The mini felines were spotted frolicking on the tracks near Church Avenue around 11 am local time.

Their presence near the subway’s deadly third rail caused service in the area to shut down for about two hours as rail workers and passengers tried to corral them.

But if you have any experience with kittens, you already know how the story goes. The New York Daily News notes that a transit supervisor attempted to corral the kittens.

Unfortunately, the adorable fuzzy creatures were too fast for him. Sandra Polel, 52, was a passenger on one of the trains that was delayed by the attempted feline rescue.

But she wasn’t too upset by the situation. Polel explained, “The announcer said it had to stop to rescue some cats. I don’t mind. I wanted to get home, but I also wanted the kittens to be safe.”

Local service resumed two hours later without the kittens’ rescue. Train crews were told to “proceed through the area with caution” and the curious felines avoided the third rail, which carries 600 volts of electricity.

While some riders understood the transit authority’s decision to halt the subway for the kittens, not everyone was happy. CNN notes that subway rider and former MTA employee Wilson Burton called the suspension “a waste of money.”

The sneaky kittens ran loose around the tracks for more than seven hours. They were finally captured around 6 pm local time and taken to nearby Brooklyn Animal Care Shelter on Linden Blvd. The small balls of fur are believed to be around four weeks old. Rescuers gave the two, a boy and a girl, the names Arthur and August.

If they are not claimed, they will likely be put up for adoption soon. Considering their story and the photos taken of their rescue, it is likely the kittens who stopped the New York City subway system will find their forever homes quickly.

[Image via Twitter]