Nidal Hasan Sentenced To Death, But Fort Hood Appeals Process Will Take Years

As we see Nidal Hasan sentenced to death experts are already point out the expected appeals process will mean it will be years before the Fort Hood shooter faces justice.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Department of Defense and the Obama administration labeled the Food Hood shooter Nidal Hasan as not a terrorist.

Before Nidal Hasan was sentenced to death the Fort Hood shooter was found guilty of 13 accounts of premeditated murders. Nidal Hasan’s trial proved that he killed 13 people, including a pregnant woman, and wounded another 32 people at a processing center.

Nidal Hasan himself apparently wanted to be labeled as an Islamic martyr for his cause. Nidal Hasan represented himself during the course of the trial. Leaked documents show Nidal Hasan believes the death penalty would still allow him to be considered a martyr.

Nidal Hasan called no witnesses or presented any evidence to defend himself against the death penalty. Although Nidal Hasan had several lawyers as backup, he ended his court martial with this defense: “The defense rests.”

Now that the Nidal Hasan death penalty verdict has been confirmed, the case will automatically enter the appeals process. Ultimately, the case could go before the US Supreme Court Nidal Hasan decides to delay the legal proceedings.

Changes to capital crimes procedures in 1984 could delay the execution for years even Nidal Hasan was sentenced to death. Because of the lengthy appeals process no military death row inmate has been executed since 1961. Nidal Hasan is currently a paraplegic from being shot in the back by the Fort Hood victims. It’s possible he may never reach his execution.

Since Nidal Hasan was sentenced to death without any protest from the Fort Hood shooter do you think Nidal Hasan’s death penalty should be enacted swiftly? Or do you think he should be punished in another fashion?