Faulkner Shooting: Woman Shot By Husband, Warning Systems Failed

A shooting at Faulkner University has left one woman in hospital, reportedly in a critical condition. The woman was shot by her husband in broad daylight on the university campus.

According to local police, the Faulkner shooting occurred near a maintenance building on the campus. Paramedics rushed the victim to hospital.

The University campus was on a high state of alert and students even received an emergency text message which read: “(Active Shooter on Campus) Emergency! Armed person on campus. Go to nearest room and lock door. If off campus, do not enter campus. Follow instructions from auth.”

Unfortunately, since not all the students and teachers received the text message, the university is now looking into why the alert system failed. In this case, it seems that the gunman only intended to shoot his wife and not random people on the campus.

Nevertheless, failures in systems like these could prove fatal in other situations.The shooter was arrested and will be tried for attempted murder.

An eyewitness, Saul Calderon-Zavala, said the man wearing black pants and a red shirt simply approached the woman and shot her, “She tried running away and she was just shot more… And he got into his car and drove off.”

School officials spoke to reporters about the shooting saying: “In what appears to have been a domestic situation, a contract employee was injured in the shooting and has been taken to a local hospital for treatment. Her condition is not known at this time.”

The statement urged people to pray for the full recovery of the victim: “The Montgomery Police Department is following up on the incident. At no time were any students involved in the incident.

Faulkner University asks everyone to be in prayer for the victim and offers its sincere gratitude to campus security and law enforcement officers for their rapid response.” Police have not yet named the victim in the Faulkner shooting or the accused shooter.

A full investigation into the circumstances which led up to the Faulkner shooting is being carried out by police. It is not clear what steps, if any, will be taken to ensure that warning systems work properly in the future.

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