Delbert Belton: Second Teen Arrested In Beating Death

Delbert Belton, age 88, was beaten and killed while he waited for a friend in Spokane, Washington. Kenan Adams-Kinard and Demetruis Glenn, both age 16, were arrested and charged in the attack.

The WWII veteran was waiting in his car outside the local Eagles Lodge last Wednesday. The teens approached the vehicle and proceeded to beat Belton with “big heavy flashlights.”

As reported by NBC News, Belton suffered severe injury to his head and face. He was discovered inside his car, bleeding heavily. Belton was transported to a local hospital. However, he eventually died of blood loss.

Delbert Belton survived a shooting in the Battle of Okinawa. It was two teenage boys who finally ended his life.

Belton’s family is devastated. Daughter-in-law Barbara Belton is outraged about the assault:

“They did a horrendous thing and they need to pay the consequences… They just kept hitting and hitting him… He was an 88-year-old man… they didn’t need to do that.”

Demetruis Glenn surrendered to police last Thursday. He is currently in custody. Glenn was charged as an adult for first-degree murder and robbery.

Kenan Adams-Kinard went into hiding after the assault. Following media attention, the Spokane police received “dozens of tips” about the teen’s whereabouts. Adams-Kinard was arrested this morning.

Police explain that “several other people… have been arrested for rendering criminal assistance.”

As reported by Fox News, police suspect the assault was a random crime of opportunity. Both teens have prior convictions for assault.

Belton stood just over 5 feet tall. His friends called him Shorty. Niece Pam Hansen believes he was targeted because of his age and size.

A lifetime resident of Spokane, Belton worked for Kaiser Aluminum for 30 years. He remained in the area following his 1982 retirement.

Delbert Belton was described as friendly and active in his community. His brutal death drew outrage nationwide.