Nurse Demands Patient Performs Sex Act After Giving Her Drugs: Says ‘It Would Be Quick’

A nurse at a Florida medical center has been arrested for allegedly plying a female patient with prescription drugs, then forcing her to perform oral sex on him.

The nurse, David Paul Lazarus, aged 42, from Coral Springs, appeared last week in Broward County Court and faced two counts of sexual battery. He was arrested for the alleged assaults which took place back in June.

The victim of the assault, aged 26, was hospitalized at the medical center in order to have kidney stones removed. The woman, who has a history of drug abuse, told police that she was interested in nurse Lazarus only for the narcotics he supplied but not for any form of sex.

According to the police Lazarus made friends with the patient following her June 12th surgery and at one stage invited her outside for a cigarette. Two days later he apparently raised the issue of the woman’s previous drug related history and then offered her two morphine syringes and a tablet of Oxycontin.

The ex-drug addict couldn’t resist the drugs being given to her and took them. Lazarus then allegedly closed the curtain surrounding her bed, took his penis out, and forced her to give him oral sex. The police report says that the woman, when asked to perform the sex act responded, “I don’t want to,” to which Lazarus replied, “It would be quick.”

On June 16th the woman alleges that Lazarus visited her again and gave her a higher dose of the painkiller Dilaudid. According to the police report the victim didn’t want the drugs. They said: “The victim stated that she did want the drugs as she was just out of rehab… But she did not want to give the suspect oral sex and was under the influence of several drugs when David was forcing her to perform oral sex on him.”

Following her release from the Florida medical facility, the woman agreed to take part in a sting operation.When Lazarus contacted her, she asked him to bring some drugs over to her house. When he arrived he was arrested by police.

Lazarus has denied having any sexual contact whatsoever with the woman. He is being held on $50,000 bail bond. Broward County Judge John Hurley addressed Lazarus in court saying: “The court believes that in your position as a nurse, currently you represent a danger, at least to women who would be your patients. The court’s concerned, sir, for the safety of this alleged victim and perhaps for future victims.”

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