Bored Teenage Oklahoma Killer Tweeted: ‘90% Of White PPL Are Nasty’

The “bored” Oklahoma teenagers who killed Australian student Christopher Lane sent a number of racist tweets in the past year.

After the suspects were arrested and taken to be processed at the Police station in Duncan, one of them broke into some kind of dance, showing no remorse for his crime. Police officer John Byers, who was present at the station, told reporters: “He did some kind of dance at the booking counter. There’s a long desk that you stand in front of. When they got him up to that desk, he began to dance, he did some kind of dance motion.”

James Edwards, aged 15, who has been accused of first degree murder, took to Twitter during the past year, making clear his views on white people.

Back in July, he tweeted with reference to the acquittal of George Zimmerman. Zimmerman killed teenager Trayvon Martin in what he claimed was self-defense. He said that the youth had attacked him and smashed his head against the sidewalk.

In his July 15th Tweet, Edwards says: “‘Ayeee I knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerman court!:) lol sh*t ima keep sleepin sh*t! #ayeeee.’ Roughly translated, he is using a derogatory prison term which refers to Caucasians, saying that he knocked out, or punched 5 white people since Zimmerman was acquitted. Zimmerman is a mixed-race Hispanic,

In another tweet, sent on 29th April Edwards showed his contempt for white people, in the clearly racist Tweet he said “90% of white people are nasty,” making sure to add the tag #HATE THEM:

Police Chief Danny Ford told reporters that following Edward’s arrest, the youth was laughing and said about the murder of Christopher Lane, “it’s no big deal.” Ford spoke about his conversation with one of the fathers of the suspects, “The father of one of them admitted to us that the boys were bored, simple as that.”

The boys were also active at sharing their views in other ways via social media. In a video clip posted to YouTube, Edwards is seen pointing a rifle and making gang signs with his hands, as you can see below: