Al Sharpton Not Protesting Chris Lane Murder Because ‘The System Worked’

When Chris Lane was senselessly killed by three teenagers in Oklahoma this week many people felt that it was racially motivated. Al Sharpton, however, doesn’t believe that there is anything to protest.

Sharpton, who was one of the loudest voices after Trayvon Martin’s death, was called a hypocrite by people like Donald Trump because he didn’t immediately grab his microphone and start talking about injustice after Lane’s death.

Sharpton responded to his critics today saying that the police believe that the murder was completely random and that it had nothing to do with the fact that Lane was white.

Al Sharpton said: “I protest when I’m called in and when there’s an injustice. The three were arrested, there was nothing to protest. The system worked there, and racial? Not only did the police not say it was racial, one of the three were white.”

The police may not believe that the murder was racially motivated but Fox News reports that one of the teenagers had recently sent out racist tweets. One message read: “90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.”

Still, Sharpton is listening to the authorities on this one and agrees with them that this was a “random” act of violence. Sharpton even took a jab at Fox and Trump by referencing a poll released earlier this week which found that many Louisiana Republicans blame President Obama for Hurricane Katrina despite the fact that the storm happened three years before he took office.

Sharpton said: “That doesn’t stop my friends over at Fox and Donald Trump and others say, ‘Why isn’t Al Sharpton protesting this?’ You have people feeling that I wouldn’t go in because it was three blacks that killed a white and no justice was done. If you get your information from the wrong source, you blame President [Barack] Obama for the response to Hurricane Katrina.”

Do you think Al Sharpton is being hypocritical? Was Chris Lane’s murder racially motivated?