Police not optimistic, father charged in case of three missing MI boys

John Skelton, whose three sons were last seen late Thanksgiving afternoon, has been arrested and charged with parental abduction, police in Michigan said today at a brief press conference.

A frantic search has been underway for the missing boys since their disappearance five days ago,. However, if authorities have a clear idea of what may have happened to 9-year-old Andrew, 7-year-old Alexander and 5-year-old Tanner, they did not disclose that information to press.

Morenci, Michigan Police Chief Larry Weeks did say that law enforcement officials are not confident that the boys will be found safe and unharmed, insinuating that at least some details have been provided by their father, John Skelton:

“Statements he made to investigators indicate it’s not going to be a positive outcome,” Weeks said earlier Tuesday before charges were announced. He declined to elaborate.

“He’s been forthcoming with some information, the credibility of which we can’t verify,” Weeks added.

Skelton was released from a mental health facility today and subsequently arrested. He was charged with three counts of parental kidnapping in Lewanee County, Michigan. He has reportedly requested a lawyer and has ceased cooperating with investigators.