Martin Family Sells Everything To Complete 50 State Road Trip

The Martin family — which consists of father, Randy, mother, Heidi, and their children, Kristi and Kyle — sold all of their belongings before embarking on a road trip across all 50 states of America.

The heads of the family spent 3 years orchestrating the trip, which they recently completed. Heidi told TODAY, “Seeing all of America and seeing just how good people are in America, and the different regions and cultures of America. I just wanted them to see what it’s founded on.”

Kyle revealed, “We got to learn a ton about politics. Places I see in the textbooks. We got to cross the Mississippi, we got to actually go on battlefields George Washington walked.”

Discussing their favorite parts of the trip, Randy remarked, “My favorite memory was some of the snowed-in times we had,” while Kyle admitted, “Philadelphia was just awesome,” before also confiding that he enjoyed Washington, D.C, too.

Krisit then confessed that, “Boston was cool,” as it featured both Fenway Park and the Freedom Trail, meanwhile, Heidi explained that New York City“was pretty intense and pretty amazing.” She then reeled off the list of places that they visited in the Big Apple, which included the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Central Park.

Randy admitted, “You have to have a close-knit family to survive a trip like this,” before Heidi explained, “When the toilet gets clogged and we’re not doing well together, that was terrible.”

Discussing their reason for taking the year long vacation, Heidi, remarked, “I kind of thought of it as it’s almost like my husband and I are taking a year of retirement and spending it with the kids instead of being perhaps in my golden years and just me and my husband saying oh I wish the kids were here.”

Have you ever been on an American road trip?

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