Man Drops iMac In A Horrifying Prank [Video]

Apple fans better hold on to your their gadgets before Awesomeness TV’s JouleThief gets a hold of an Apple product!

In a two-part prank, Alex Goyette and Michael Rowland of Awesomeness TV decided to damage Apple’s most beloved product, the iMac. The YouTube channel took to a local mall where shoppers were subjected to a klutz stumbling into random objects and subsequently breaking his “brand new iMac.”

One highlight sees the prankster stumbling as he tries to hold the wide box, only for it to “slip” out of his hands and fall over a railing, crashing into a million pieces on the first floor.

Onlookers reactions fluctuated from shocked, to amusement, and to outright horror over the prankster’s careless ways with his new prized possession. At times the prankster goes to great lengths to make sure the iMac receives a brutal beating. In numerous pranks, the man can be seen holding not one, but two iMacs, before they fall to the ground. He even gets some of the shoppers involved as they help him balance the two computers, before they meet their untimely death.

For some this prank may be hilarious, but for Apple enthusiasts this might hurt your soul. Not to worry, as it’s pretty obvious that no Apple computers were seriously injured during the prank. It’s said that the prankster instead filled the iMac boxes with broken glass, so when the boxes dropped, a realistic sound ensued.

Currently at over a million subscribers, in addition to awesome pranks, Awesomeness TV features pop musicians, TV personalities, and YouTube Stars, as well as its own original shows. As far as what they’re offering, awesomeness TV has 26 original channels featuring two of the iMac pranksters.

The most viewed video happens to be another Apple product prank that was uploaded ten months ago. At 5 million views, iPhone 5 Box Prank is its most popular video.

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