Adorable Baby Takes On Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum In New Ad

The Samsung Motion Sync vacuum’s new enemy isn’t Apple, Motorola, or one of the company’s normal nemesis. Instead, its’ a small baby in a walker.

In a new ad spot for its state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner, a small child chases down the home cleaning apparatus as it speeds past.

The adorable baby places a Chips style classic mustache on its face and then pulls out a police siren, which is quickly attached to the child’s baby walker.

Samsung developed the commercial to showcase the agility of the vacuum cleaner, but honestly we are just left with a smile on our face and very little information about the product.

Introduced last month in Singapore, the Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum features a canister that swivels separately from its wheels. The vacuums new design allows it “to make swift motion for sudden turns around furniture or walls much easier.”

The vacuum isn’t cheap at $600, and we aren’t really sure how it compared to a Dyson in terms of overall use.

For the record the vacuum, despite the commercials confusing message, is not self-propelled. If you don’t want to actually vacuum, we suggest a Roomba.

This isn’t the first time the Samsung vacuum has received an online ad. Samsung recently displays the Motion Sync’s stable motion in a bowling ad:

I don’t know about our readers, but I personally don’t want to bowl with my vacuum since bowling lanes are generally pretty clean and always waxed. Also, I found the baby ad to be a bit creepy when the lighting changes after the baby decided to go after the Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum.

Do you think Samsung hit a home run with either of its vacuum ads?