Vet Treats Human, Patient Forced To Amputate Three Toes

A patient had to have three toes amputated after a veterinarian treated him with medicine that is used to cure cancer in dogs.

Francis Freemyer, who has worked as a vet for 54 years, has been accused of rubbing dermex on the man’s foot, which then lead to it become infected and ultimately resulted in him losing his toes.

However, Freemyer has denied these accusations, insisting that he has only ever treated animals except for when he has given himself treatment.

The drug dermex is still in its infancy, and it hasn’t even been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use on humans. It is still being tested on animals though.

Despite these concerns, Freemyer repeatedly uses the drug and he has even noted that he believes it cured him of melanoma. However, police are worried that he has treated more people, and they are urging them to come forward so that they can receive proper medical treatment.

Officers have alleged that the vet was “very energetic about his confidence in his ability to fix the foot.” So when the unnamed patient arrived in his practice in June, and complained of sore toes, he decided to apply the treatment to the 58-year-old.

However, this only lead to his foot becoming infected, which lead to the amputation.

Authorities have stated that Freemyer admitted he treated the unnamed man, but he has denied this when speaking to local media.

Freemyer told KMGH, “I don’t treat people. I treat dogs and cats and cows and horses and fish and snakes and all of those things, anything that comes in the door – except people.”

A Greely Police spokesperson stated, “This isn’t something that we run across every day and it is something that we would like to see if there’s other people out there that this person may have actually treated as well.”

The man who was allegedly treated by Freemyer apparently refuses to collaborate with police, whilst locals have also dismissed the reports.

[Image via terekhov igor/Shutterstock]