Cat Lady Eaten By Her Pets After Death

A cat lady eaten by her pets has been discovered in Britain, according to a Tuesday report from The Daily Echo.

Authorities claimed that the 56-year-old Janet Veal could have been dead for as long as three months before her discovery. During that time, numerous pets, including cats and dogs, had died of starvation.

When police did a search of the house, they discovered Veal in her kitchen “gnawed and eaten” by her remaining cats, which had managed to survive by feeding on her corpse.

The body was in an advanced state of decomposition, so much so that officials could not determine a cause of death right away. Reviewing her medical records, they discovered that she had a history of obstructive pulmonary disease, according to Huffington Post.

Southampton Coroner Keith Wiseman said there was “no indication otherwise and no suggestion … that she had been in any way attacked by the animals while she was alive.”

Neighbors said the cat lady eaten by her pets was “reclusive” and reports from various press outlets stated that her husband had left her in 2012.

Responding officers said there was evidence that Veal was a hoarder with the house “so cluttered with garbage that it was difficult to see the floor,” HuffPo noted.

This disturbing report is just one of many recent cringe-worthy animal stories. In July, The Inquisitr brought you the story of a paralyzed Arkansas man, who awoke one evening to find his lap dog devouring one of his testicles.

In that case, the man lived and the dog was euthanized.

(No word on what will happen to Veal’s surviving cats.)

Another story we reported on in June involved a man, who awoke to find his pit bull puppy eating his toes. Bo (the dog) was under observation for rabies last we heard.

In the case of the cat lady eaten by her pets, do you think the surviving animals should be euthanized or matched with a new owner?

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