Teenager Murdered Mother Then Wrapped Her Intestines Around Neck

A 19-year-old was found not guilty in the death of his mother, but was instead deemed insane at the time he savagely stabbed her to death.

David Kellen Grow murdered 49-year-old Robin Grow on February 20, inside their home at 223 West Center Street in Concord, Michigan.

The court heard that Robin Grow’s body had been slashed open, while her insides had spilled out onto the floor. She was covered in bruises, a steak knife was inside her wound, and her traumatized head was also in a puddle of vomit.

Ronald Grow stated that he returned home from his job as a barber at 7 p.m, where he found his dead wife on the floor of their kitchen. He then called for his son, only to find him in the bathtub with his mother’s intestines around his neck.

Ronald Grow testified, “I said to him… ‘Kellen, what have you done?’ I said, ‘Do you realize what you’ve done? Do you realize we are never going to be a family again? Do you realize in a couple of minutes, they are going to come take you away from me too?'”

Grow then called the police, and admitted that he saw his son then bite into his mother’s entrails. David then went back to his mother’s body, where he put his hand back inside the cavity which lead Ronald to punch him and hold him down until police arrived.

Judge Thomas Wilson has ordered David Kellen Grow to the state Center for Forensic Psychiatry, where he will now be evaluated for 60 days, before being committed. Grow will probably remain at the maximum security treatment facility for the rest of life.

Prosecutors remarked that there was never any doubt about what had happened on that tragic day. Even at the end of the proceeding, David and Ronald embraced, and he admitted, “I told him that I loved him. I told him his mother loved him.”

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