Man Falls To Death During Bachelor Party At Casino

Black Hawk, CO — A man celebrating his friend’s upcoming wedding fell to his death Saturday morning during a bachelor party.

Police said 29-year-old Dirk Anderson fell from an 11th floor window at the Lady Luck Hotel and Casino in Black Hawk around 5 am Saturday. He was sitting on a windowsill when the screen behind him gave way. Anderson landed on the roof of a parking garage five levels below. There were five other people in the room for the bachelor party at the time.

Investigators said alcohol was found in the room, but authorities are still waiting for toxicology reports to determine how much Anderson drank, if anything. The death appeared to be consistent with an accidental fall, and there was no evidence of horseplay, police said.

“It’s a huge tragedy,” said Black Hawk Police Chief Stephen Cole. “You’re in a controlled environment and you’re safe, and you’re not out drinking and driving, and something like this happens.”

It is currently unclear what relationship Dirk Anderson had to the groom.

In May, five women — including the bride — were killed on their way to a bachelorette party. The limo the women were driving in caught fire on a bridge in San Francisco. There were 10 people in the limo; the driver and four other passengers were able to escape from the vehicle.

“The limousine was traveling westbound here on 92 on the bridge and we got calls of smoke coming from the limousine. The limousine pulled over and then all of the sudden it became engulfed in flames,” Officer Amelia Jack said. “From what we do know is that there were ten occupants in the vehicle … Five were able to escape the vehicle and attempted to assist the others and were unable to get the other five out.”

Authorities did not know what caused the fire.