Bride Killed In Limo Fire On Way To Bachelorette Party

Five women including a bride were killed today in a limo fire in San Francisco.

The women were on their way to a bachelorette party when their limo caught fire on a bridge in California. Ten people were in the limo at the time of the fire. The driver and four passengers were able to escape while the bride-to-be and four of her friends were killed.

All of the women killed were in their 30s.

Officer Amelia Jack of the California Highway Patrol told News.Au:

“The limousine was traveling westbound here on 92 on the bridge and we got calls of smoke coming from the limousine. The limousine pulled over and then all of the sudden it became engulfed in flames. From what we do know is that there were ten occupants in the vehicle … Five were able to escape the vehicle and attempted to assist the others and were unable to get the other five out.”

The limo fire occurred at about 10pm last night on a bridge that connects San Mateo and Alemada counties. The women were reportedly traveling to

Rosita Guardiano, the mother of one of the survivors, said:

“She’s OK, but it is very scary. Thank God she survived. I’ve been crying all morning …. My daughter is very sad and crying, too. This was supposed to be such a happy day.”

Authorities do not know at this time what caused the fire.

CHP Officer James Evans said:

“We don’t know what caused the accident yet. It wasn’t a traffic collision, we do know that, but we are still investigating.”

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