Prince Charles ‘Moles’ Held Key Positions, Royal Meddling Called Undemocratic

Prince Charles has been accused of placing moles in key positions in the British government.

According to a report today in The Sunday Times, at least one employee spent two years in a Cabinet Office. Although she hasn’t been named, it sounds as if somebody thinks they know who she is. It’s rumored that she was working on the team of the minister for civil society, Nick Hurd.

That group would oversee charities including the Prince’s Trust.

ST quoted an unnamed minister as saying, “[I]t’s undemocratic. It raises questions about whether Prince Charles is exceeding his position as a constitutional monarch in waiting.”

Current and former ministers said they hadn’t been told that the so-called moles were reporting to the prince.

The Independent echoed the accusation, saying that three members of Prince Charles’ staff were placed in full-time government positions while still working for the future king.

According to multiple media reports, Prince Charles’ office has now confirmed that three of his staff members had indeed gone to work in government departments. However, the office wouldn’t name the workers, where they worked, or who authorized the work.

Queen Elizabeth, the current monarch of England, has denied that she places staff into government positions. The royal family is of course not elected and is expected to remain neutral on political matters.

However, the Gulf News among many others noted that the 64-year-old future king is known to have strong political views on green and rural politics.

Last week, popular UK tabloid The Daily Mail blasted Prince Charles in a report that claimed his meddling put the monarchy at risk. They said he had met privately with cabinet ministers 36 times over the last three years. And there were at least 17 more private meetings with junior ministers.

The accusations that Prince Charles planted moles in government offices adds fuel to the fire that he is meddling in political affairs.