‘Watch Dogs’ Gameplay Trailer Puts The Focus On Hacking [Video]

The Watch Dogs gameplay trailer finally gives you a good look at the sort of crazy stuff you’ll be trying when the game hits retail shelves later this year.

After giving prospective gamers a quick look at the sprawling urban metropolis they’ll be trekking through during their adventure, the clip shows just how important hacking will be over the course of the game.

Players assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a guy who has the ability to hack into just about every computer system on the planet. In addition to spying on people and learning all sorts of dirty little secrets, Pearce can also completely drain their bank accounts. His level of depravity depends on you.

During their trip through Watch Dogs, gamers will be able to hack everything from surveillance cameras to utilities to emergency response systems. All of these techniques can be used to your advantage during missions or when you’re just out and about in the city.

Pearce gains access to the CtOS network by installing a virus that essentially opens the door to Chicago’s systems. Once inside, Pearce can wreak as much havoc as he likes. The game contains a series of districts that much be unlocked individually, which is not unlike the viewpoints in the Assassin’s Creed series.

One of the most interesting aspects of Watch Dogs is the ability to hack into personal accounts and private security systems. This allows Pearce to spy on just about everyone he stumbles across. If you want to sit back and watch some moron dance in his apartment, then have at it.

Stealing passwords, listening in on phone conversations, and intercepting text messages can be done with the press of a few buttons. You can also track down criminals thanks to the city’s surveillance network. The more you hack, the stronger your skills become.

Should the police discover that you’re breaking the law, Pearce can use the CtOS system to raise bridges, jam communications, and short out electrical boxes. Instead of simply running away from cops, players have a handy set of tools at their disposal to throw the fuzz off their scent.

Watch Dogs is set to arrive for PC, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 on November 19. Playstation 4 and Xbox One users will get the open-world title early next year. Are you planning to pick up a copy of Ubisoft’s latest adventure this holiday season?

[Image via Ubisoft]

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