‘Watch Dogs’ Trailer Takes The ‘Honored’ Route [Video]

The latest Watch Dogs trailer takes the “Honored” route.

As the release of Ubisoft’s next killer IP nears, the anticipation is nearly palatable. In the wake of all of the NSA news, Watch Dogs couldn’t have been timed much better. The open-world adventures of Aiden Pearce, super hacker and combat master extraordinaire, only seem to intrigue us as gamers will get a chance to step into the shoes of someone who actually does use other people’s online information for personal means.

The “Honored” Watch Dogs trailer begins with a night-time city panorama of large buildings, a monorail, and business as usual. We see Aiden Pearce’s feet as he walks along the rainy street in slow motion with some general “tough guy” music. He carries a pistol and looks around, probably trying to get a fix on his next target. We get a closeup of his green eyes and woven bandana as he’s lost in focus.

Then we get a daytime cityscape from a distance, showing us a future Chicago with the Sun as a backdrop. Then we see a woman with a halfway mohawk walking out of the shadows toward Aiden Pearce, “I’m about to open your world.”

For the first time in the Watch Dogs trailers we actually get to hear the voice of Aiden Pearce as he replies, “You got me in.”

Early reviews accompany him walking down the city streets, as Lazy Gamer calls Watch Dogs “a sure fire winner.”

We then see Aiden Pearce casing potential targets as he walks by a few storefronts, and a monorail speeds by as Kotaku says, “My jaw hit the floor.”

‘Watch Dogs’ open world gameplay is impressive

We then see our plucky hero racing down the street as a police car crashes through a cage of sorts, and some random shenanigans where Aiden Pearce hacks the city’s works and creates some mayhem.

IGN calls it “Pure open world candy,” as Aiden Pearce proceeds to fire on a target beyond the camera. A plethora of action scenes and other early reviews play out.

What do you think of the “Honored” Watch Dogs trailer? Will you pre-order the game and get the bonus items?

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