Wasps Explosion In Afghanistan Makes For Funny Video

A wasps explosions video is making some waves on YouTube. According to a brief note from YouTuber Michael Hernandez, some service personnel in Afghanistan found their road blocked by some fallen rock.

As you can see when you watch the video, the boots on the ground did what any sensible person would do in that situation. They took advantage of modern explosives technology to blow the rock into smithereens.


But there’s always somebody who’s gonna have a problem when you use high explosives to solve a situation.

And in this case the whiny, complaining nitpickers turn out to be a nest of wasps.

Double boom.

I’m sure there’s nothing you’d rather see after you blow up a roadblock than a whole bunch of peeved-off wasps who previously lived under that roadblock. Especially when they all come boiling up with one thought on their tiny pin-headed little minds — revenge.

So the wasps weren’t too entertained. But I was. And I’m betting you’ll get a kick out of it too.

But just in case one little ole video isn’t enough stinging insect footage for you, please feel free to visit this page of bee sting acupuncture videos I posted yesterday.

There you can see plenty of footage of people having stinging bees applied to their bodies in China and Taiwan. The treatment supposedly has some significant health benefits, according to traditional Chinese medicine.

But at least one of the patients they interviewed seemed to have a serious masochism issue, so I don’t know about all that. Some experts now say that bee sting therapy may actually provide little or no health benefit.

So I’m not sure what the deal is with all these stinging insects gone wild stories lately.

What do you think about the Afghanistan wasps explosions video?

[wasp thumbnail photo by Valerio Pardi via Shutterstock]

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