Domino’s Apologizes For Tasty Pizza On Facebook

Domino’s recently caused a bit of confusion on Facebook after a woman’s harmless compliment about her recent purchase was met with an apology.

Jeaneth Manzaniita Tavares was so pleased with her pizza that she felt the need to share her feelings about the pie on Facebook. Since companies tend to get more criticisms than praise on social media these days, the gesture should have been welcomed with open arms.

“Best Pizza Ever! Pan Pizza. Keep up the good work guys!” she wrote on the company’s wall.

Instead of thanking the customer for such a kind remark, Tavares was shocked to discover that Domino’s had apologized for filling her belly with cheesy deep-dish delight.

The response from the pizza company read:

So sorry about that! Please share some additional information with us at and please mention reference# 1409193 so we can have this addressed.

As you can probably tell from the very mechanical response Domino’s issued on Facebook, this apology was the work of an auto-apology bot. The program automatically perceived the comment as negative and issued what it deemed was an appropriate response. That’s actually kind of sad.

The hilarity of the situation didn’t go unnoticed by other Domino’s fanatics on Facebook, many of whom found the situation to be endlessly amusing. Shortly after the auto-apology bot did its work, someone at the pizza restaurant decided to issue an appropriate response.

“No, we meant we were sorry it took Jeaneth so long to enjoy the best pizza ever. Think of all the pizza she’s likely had that wasn’t the best ever,” the representative awkwardly joked.

According to AdRant, 90 percent of the comments Domino’s receives on Facebook are complaints about the company’s product or customer service. In order to field these messages, a bot was employed to issue apologies. However, the program clearly didn’t know how to react to a compliment.

What do you think about Domino’s automatically apologizing to a compliment on Facebook? Should the company pay more attention to what people are actually saying on social media?

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