Pizza Drone From Domino’s Will Bomb You … With Deliciousness

A pizza drone for your next delivery? That’s the goal from the team at Domino’s. The “DomiCopter” was shown off on Tuesday, and it promises to delivery flying pizza’s right to a customers doorsteps.

Sure, the pizza drone is likely just a publicity stunt for the pizza maker, but we can’t help but marvel at the idea of airborne food delivery.

The idea for the DomiCopter comes to us from the team at T + Biscuits who recently posted a proof of concept video. That video debuted in the UK and Ireland under the file name “Introducing the Domino’s DomiCopter!”

The pizza drone is seen carrying a fresh baked pizza over trees and yards and then landing safely on a customer’s doorstep.

According to the T + Biscuits website, the prototype campaign has been a huge success:

“Emails have been going mad with inquiries as to when people may be getting their food delivered by the DomiCopter.”

When asked if the DomiCopter would really become the first ever pizza drone, the company simply said customers will have to “wait and see.”

Domino’s UK, in the meantime, will say only that the pizza maker is always looking for new ways to deliver pizzas as quickly as possible.

The real question might be whether or not Domino’s could ever get permission to fly drones in cities and around other heavily populated areas. Drones are still receiving a lot of attention over US-based attacks on foreign soil and their ability to spy on citizens.

Here’s a video of the pizza drone in action:

Customers are obviously interested. Since its June 3 YouTube debut, the DomiCopter video has received more than 281,000 views.

I’m still partial to the Domino’s DVD that literally starts to smell like a fresh pizza when played inside a regular DVD player.

So what says you internet brethren? Would you be willing to have your Dominoes pizza arrive at your home by way of pizza drone?

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