Body Burned In Home Was Missing Boy Ethan Anderson

Body Identified As Ethan Anderson

The body found burned in a San Diego home was identified as eight-year-old Ethan Anderson, the brother of a 16-year-old girl named in an AMBER Alert.

Ethan’s body, along with that of his mother Christina Anderson, was found in the burned out home of James DiMaggio, whom authorities have named as their suspected killer.

It is also believed that DiMaggio abducted 16-year-old Hannah Anderson, reports CNN. Young Ethan’s body was identified using DNA analysis from his bone marrow.

Officials were able to identify Christina soon after the bodies were found. However, officials explained that the young boy’s body was burned beyond recognition. While the boy’s body was found inside the home, his mother’s was discovered in a garage on the property.

The Los Angeles Times notes that officials believe DiMaggio lured the family to his home in Boulevard, California by telling them he wanted to say goodbye before he moved to Texas. However, he allegedly had something more sinister in mind.

The telecommunications technician instead allegedly killed the mother and son, set the house on fire, then escaped with the teen girl in tow.

DiMaggio’s car was discovered in Idaho on Friday near the River of No Return wilderness area, about 15 miles away from Cascade. Authorities first searched the area after a horseback rider reported seeing a man and young girl hiking in the area.

The identification of the boy’s body as that of Ethan Anderson was suspected after the children’s father pleaded with DiMaggio to release Hannah. In his plea, he did not mention Ethan. He also added, “Let her go, you’ve taken everything else.”

The father, Brett Anderson, was separated from their mother, though the couple was not divorced. While Ethan Anderson’s body was identified, authorities fanned out in the wilderness area to look for DiMaggio and Hannah.

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