James DiMaggio Manhunt: Hannah Anderson Kidnap Suspect’s Car Found, Pair Spotted In Idaho

The James DiMaggio manhunt is now focused on the remote River of No Return Wilderness area in Cascade, Idaho. After a report from horseback riders who thought they saw the 40-year-old suspected killer and 16-year-old captive Hannah Anderson, investigators found the DiMaggio’s abandoned blue Nissan Versa roughly six miles from where the pair had been spotted.

The California license plates had been removed, but the VIN number was matched to DiMaggio’s vehicle.

The UT San Diego said that the four horseback riders met with the DiMaggio and Anderson hiking in the wilderness. They spoke briefly and seemed to be in good health. According to San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore, the girl didn’t appear to be a captive and the riders didn’t know at the time that she was in trouble.

Although the riders actually encountered the pair on Wednesday, they didn’t report it until they happened to see a news story about the case.

Investigators now know that DiMaggio bought the camping gear in advance. They believe the crime was well-planned and not a spur-of-the-moment impulse.

San Diego Sheriff’s Department Captain Duncan Fraser warned CNN that James DiMaggio is armed and dangerous.

He may even be carrying explosives.

On August 5, someone burned down the Anderson home, killing Hannah’s mother Christina and a young child who could be Hannah’s 8-year-old brother Ethan. Because of the intensity of the flames, authorities have been delayed in getting DNA confirmation that the dead child’s body is in fact Ethan’s.

James DiMaggio and Hannah Anderson vanished, becoming the targets of a manhunt that stretched into Mexico and across several states.

The motive for the suspect’s actions are unclear. But family friends have revealed that DiMaggio had a crush on the 16-year-old blonde beauty.

Before the Nissan was found, Captain Fraser had expressed a fear that the car would be left booby-trapped. Now authorities are in the process of checking it very carefully for explosives and further clues.

It’s possible that Hannah Anderson and James DiMaggio are hunkered down in a prepared rural hideout.

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