James Dimaggio Manhunt Expands As Friends Talk About His Crush On Teen

The James Dimaggio manhunt has expanded into Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. The 40-year-old suspect is thought to be driving a blue 2013 Nissan Versa that may still have California license plates.

His 16-year-old victim Hannah Anderson may be alone with him.

To recap the case, 16-year-old Hannah and her 8-year-old brother Ethan vanished August 5 from Boulevard, San Diego County in Southern California.

The Anderson home was burned down. The remains of Christina Anderson, Hannah’s mother, and an unnamed young child not yet officially confirmed as Ethan were found inside.

And the San Diego authorities have named family friend 40-year-old James Dimaggio as their suspect for the crime.

Other family friends have now come forward to say that Dimaggio was fascinated with the beautiful blonde 16-year-old Hannah. In an interview with ABC 10 news station, Angelina Amati said outright that Dimaggio had a crush on the teen.

“I honestly believe that Jim has snapped and couldn’t handle the infatuation that he had with Hannah.”

A WUSA9 report said James Dimaggio was allowed to take Hannah Anderson to Hollywood for a weeklong sweet 16 celebration. The trip was cut short after Dimaggio and Hannah fought about how much time she spent on the phone.

And that’s when Hannah confessed to friends that Dimaggio had revealed his crush.

Brett Anderson, Hannah’s father and Christina’s husband, had left his family in southern California while working in Tennessee. He trusted his friend James Dimaggio to take care of them while he was gone.

His trust appears to have been terribly misplaced. Brett Anderson made a television appeal on Wednesday to beg Dimaggio to return his daughter: “I’m begging you to let my daughter go. You’ve taken everything else.”

But that’s unlikely to happen. Meanwhile, Amber Alerts have gone out in Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. Authorities have also warned that Dimaggio, a Texas native, could be fleeing to Texas, Mexico, or even Canada.

A widely publicized possible sighting in Oregon last night hasn’t panned out. Now authorities think it’s possible Dimaggio may be headed for Nevada.

The Channel 10 ABC news team hasn’t released their YouTube video for embedding. But you can see their report on James Dimaggio’s alleged crush on Hannah by clicking right here.

Here’s am earlier Los Angeles Times summary of the alleged James Dimaggio abduction of Hannah Anderson:

Here is San Diego News video of the Sheriff’s press conference on the case:

We’ll update you with new information on the Hannah Anderson case and the James Dimaggio manhunt as we get it.

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