Ryan Adams Vs Sean Hannity, Fox News Anchor Calls Singer ‘Gutless Coward’

Fox News anchor, Sean Hannity, has embarked on a Twitter battle with “liberal entertainer” Ryan Adams, after the singer songwriter called him a terrorist earlier this week.

Hannity even dedicated a segment of his Fox News show to the musician, before calling him a “gutless coward,” because he declined the chance to be interviewed.

This unlikely quarrel started when Hannity released a tweet via his Twitter account, @seanhannity, that read, “From Politicians like Clinton and Weiner to Athletes like A-Rod and Armstrong, who are our kids supposed to look up to these days?”

Adams didn’t take kindly to this comment, so he used his own Twitter account to battle back writing, “@seanhannity Your entire soul is controlled by fear and by hate. Evolve little chicken man. See reality.”

Hannity clearly saw Adams’ message as fighting talk, so he decided to respond by inviting the “New York, New York,” singer onto his show, where they would be able to talk through their issues like adults, or simply scream at each other until their opponent had blood steaming out of their ears.

Adams took to his Twitter account to provide his response:

Before Hannity then basically called Adams a chicken by scribing:

Which saw Adams fight back with:

Before Hannity retorted:

At that point, Adams and Hannity’s online squabble seemed to have come to an end, which was the case for Hannity’s social media assault on the singer, but he then dedicated three and a half minutes to Adams on his news programme, which you can watch above.

Who would win in a fight; Ryan Adams or Sean Hannity?

[Image via Stephen Edwards/Wikicommons]

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