Howard Cook Faces Kidnapping Charges After Locking Up Cable Guy

Howard Cook, owner of a Westborough storage facility, now faces kidnapping charges after locking up a Verizon worker by locking him up.

MSN Now reported that Cook, 71, trapped a Verizon worker, Mike Hathaway, 45, in an underground vault.

Cook owns Westboro Self Storage, and when Hathaway parked his Verizon van on Cook’s grass, Cook apparently became enraged according to CBS Boston.

The Daily Mail reported that Hathaway was doing work in an underground electrical vault that services an industrial park.

Police say that Cook not only slammed the vault door shut, but also allegedly picked up large rocks and placed them on the door.

“They’re pretty large rocks that were put on top of the hatch,” said Westborough Police Sgt. Jonathan Kalagher. “There was also a ladder that was removed, which prohibited him from escaping.”

Hathaway called 911 from the vault and about 10 minutes later police showed up to help.

Kalagher told reporters that Hathaway sounded very nervous from the get go.

“When the hatch was closed, it didn’t allow for any more oxygen to get in, so it was time sensitive to get to him.”

This case of kidnapping was nothing compared to other cases that have made news lately.

Wednesday was a big day for one of the victims that was held captive for 10 years by Ariel Castro.

Today was the day that Castro’s home, dubbed the house of horrors, was torn down as onlookers cheered from the street.

Michelle Knight was there to witness the event, as well as Gina DeJuses’ aunt, Peggy Arida, who got the honors of beginning the tear down.

It felt great,” said Arida.

In the case of the man who got made at the Verizon worker, Howard Cook was not arrested according to Daily Mail, but does face kidnapping charges.

What do you think about how Howard Cook reacted to Verizon Wroker, Mike Hathaway, parking his van on his companies property?

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