Reality Steve Can’t Explain How He Got ‘The Bachelorette’ So Wrong This Year

Reality Steve had never been so wrong before, but The Bachelorette changed all that.

This week the reality television blogger was wrong on his prediction of who Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock would pick as her preferred suitor. Steve, who has used inside sources to predict winners of other seasons of the show correctly, said Hartsock would end up with Brooks.

But on part one of The Bachelorette finale, viewers saw Brooks tell a heartbroken Desiree that he didn’t feel the same way she did. He left her in tears as he exited the show, just minutes after viewers had seen Desiree admit that her feelings for him were strongest out of the remaining three.

Because Reality Steve had predicted Brooks would be the one ending up with Desiree, his fans watched the finale with he hope that Brooks would somehow return to the show. But instead the show ended with Desiree accepting a proposal from Chris.

“I’m not sure what people are expecting today regarding what we saw last night,” Reality Steve wrote on Tuesday. “If you’re expecting a long drawn out explanation regarding the wrong spoiler for this season, breaking down the who/what/when/where and why, I don’t have it. All season the information I was given had me 100% convinced Desiree was engaged to Brooks. Even as I was live tweeting last night during the show, I was convinced of it.”

Reality Steve said even after the show ended, he thought the After The Final Rose show would have a surprise return for Brooks.

Steve said there is no easy explanation for his error, as he can’t disclose his source or where the information was wrong. He has made some wrong initial predictions in the past, but always corrected them before the finale of a given season.

It could be that Reality Steve’s sources were confused because Hartsock herself had a hard time on the show. Desiree admitted that she struggled to figure out the intentions of more than 20 suitors.

Though he may have been wrong for the first time in the last seven seasons of the show, Reality Steve said he’s going to move past his missed prediction on The Bachelorette. The series just announced a new Bachelor, Juan Pablo, and Steve said he’s ready to “get it right next time.”

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