Bachelorette Finale: Still Reeling From Brooks Leaving, Desiree Hartsock Makes Her Choice

The Bachelorette finale saw a still-reeling Desiree Hartsock make her final decision, choosing between suitors Chris and Drew just days after another contestant rocked her with a surprise confession.

The show came to a conclusion on Monday with Chris dropping to a knee to propose, but Desiree stopping him so she can be “completely honest.”

Though it’s usually not a good sign to be interrupted mid-proposal, Desiree was just telling him that she already sent Drew home. Desiree then told Chris that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, and when he dropped to a knee to ask her to marry him, Desiree’s response was “1,000 times yes.”

It would be difficult for the episode to top the drama found in part one of the Bachelorette finale. The episode started with Desiree Hartsock going on fantasy suite dates with Chris and Drew.

But when it came time for Brooks to have his date, he instead took the opportunity to tell Desiree that she was “not the love of my life.” He then told a tearful Bachelorette that he would no longer be on the show.

It was shocking both to Desiree and to viewers, who had just seen the Bachelorette confess that her feelings for Brooks were the strongest.

In an interview before part one of the Bachelorette finale aired, Hartsock admitted that she struggled to get inside the minds of more than 20 suitors to determine who was really there for love.

“It’s really hard to know what the guys really feel and what their motivations might be for saying and doing things,” Hartsock said. “That’s why you have to picture them in your life day-to-day and ask, ‘Okay, is this gonna work? Could we go to Costco together? Would I want to vacation with this person? Would they be a good dad and husband?’ ”

Despite the cool demeanor in post-show interviews, Desiree was clearly still shaken from the rejection during Monday’s episode. In part two of the Bachelorette finale, Desiree made a final trip to see her family before choosing Chris. While talking with family members, her brother Nate asked how she felt about Brooks leaving her so suddenly, but Desiree insisted she was over him.

In the end, it appeared that Brooks’ departure may have actually helped Desiree Hartsock in her decision. In the Bachelorette finale, she told Chris that Brooks leaving allowed her to see what was in front of her the whole time.

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