What your favorite shows tell marketers about you

If you like Glee, you’ll totally be into a threesome.

Dig weight-loss shamefest The Biggest Loser? Not so creative then, are you? Into The Office? You’re probably very self-satisfied and think you’re cleverer than you actually are. People who dig Family Guy are anti-authority, according to the market research, and those who like Dancing With The Stars are the opposite, as well as being totally into celebrity gossip.

The research was conducted by Mindset Media on 25,000 viewers about 70 shows. The data was examined in response to marketers who “already use their data online to target customers by psychographics or personality mindset online” to see if it could be extrapolated to “offline media, like TV.” Ad Age got to see the data on seven shows:

They shared data with Ad Age from seven shows that are on many media buyers’ short lists already. Mindset detailed not only what common personality traits they claim each show is more likely to attract, but offered a sample of advertisers that it believes are more likely, or less likely, to appeal to people with those personalities.

You can peep the whole list here, and see if your brand loyalties match up with your favorite shows.

[via Gawker]

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