Maui Shark Attack Forces Beach Closures

A shark attack in Maui caused the island to close two popular beaches last week. The attack which happened last Wednesday, injured a woman while she was snorkeling in about 10 feet of water.

The attack was the second in Hawaii in four days and happened about 30 feet from shore at Ulua Beach Park. The woman, 56-year-old Evvone Cashman, was able to swim to shore to seek treatment for her injuries.

Cashman’s attack happened quickly and while the shark was large, she wasn’t able to get a good look at it, reports The Los Angeles Times.

The first shark attack last week happened on Monday when local Kiowa Gatewood was surfing off White Plains Beach in Oahu. His leg was injured in the attack.

Cashman recalled her head being above water when the shark hit. She added, “I don’t know because it happened so fast. I didn’t see him coming. I didn’t see him leave.”

She added that the shark hit her and bit her hard, then took off. She swam to shore as fast as she could, yelling, “Help!” on her way. Bystanders on the beach used towels to stem the flow of blood.

Maui Now notes that doctors believe the Maui shark attack involved a 20 to 25-foot creature. The size estimate was made by doctors who tended to the woman’s bites and performed her surgery.

Cashman survived with bite marks on her hands, chin, and her back, which was the worst. Family members and doctors reported that the massive bite spans at least 18 inches, coming down to Cashman’s waist and around the front of her torso. She also has impressions and bruises on her stomach.

But despite the horrific shark attack, the California native won’t stop coming to Maui for snorkeling. While she won’t go back in the water this trip, she will go snorkeling in Hawaii again. It is not clear if Maui’s beaches were open again following the shark attack.

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