NH Lottery Surpasses $5 Billion In 2013 Sales

NH Lottery ticket sales have skyrocketed in 2013 thanks to huge jackpots and a revamped instant ticket system. Sales throughout the state have increased by 16 percent year over year.

The New Hampshire lottery system was launched in 1964, but this is the first time ticket sales have surpassed the $5 billion mark over a single 12-month period.

Ticket sales in 2012 increased by 11 percent. According to Charlie McIntyre, executive director of the New Hampshire Lottery, lottery tickets were especially profitable over the holiday season.

Because of lottery ticket sales, the state has added much needed cash to its education system. According to McIntyre, the NH Lottery system has provided the states education system with $1.5 billion in education funding since its launch.

NH Lottery sales increased by 11 percent for instant ticket sales and a whopping 53 percent for Powerball tickets.

Debra Douglas, chairman of the New Hampshire Lottery Commission, explains:


“Over the past two years we have revamped the Lottery’s Instant ticket program, and our sales have grown exponentially. Instant ticket sales overall account for about 70% of total lottery sales, and it was clear that this program needed a driving force behind it to perform at a higher level. With the improvements we made, players enjoy a more winning experience, the games stay fresh, and lottery retailers can earn a 10 percent sales commission on new ticket sales. It really is a winning combination for everyone and continues to contribute to the trend of increasing sales.”

New Hampshire improved its system by increasing prize payouts, improving the schedule for shipping games to create an extended “new” component to the games, and enabling lottery retailers to earn higher commissions through the creation of a new “double up” program.

Throughout fiscal year 2012 the NH Lottery system gave back $159 million to lotto players while retailers earned $14.8 million in sales commissions.

If you live in New Hampshire, have you been playing the lottery more over the last year?