Dan Lyons Says Kiss My Ass and Quits Blogging


Dan Lyons, the writer/ journalist formerly know as The Real Dan Lyons formerly know as The Fake Steve Jobs is quitting blogging after having a post yanked this week by his employer Newsweek.

Jordan Golson from the Industry Standard reports that Dan told him "that he is hanging up his personal blog as RealDanLyons.com after his Newsweek bosses made him yank his post where Lyons (rightly) called Yahoo's PR staff 'lying sacks of shit'

Lyons slammed the company after Yahoo flacks told him just weeks ago that the Google/Yahoo search deal was a "sure thing" and that Jerry Yang wasn't going anywhere. "Then that deal fell apart. And now Jerry Yang is out on his ass. The take-away: Do not believe a word that Yahoo says. Ever."

We aren't sure exactly how things went down, but the Yahoo PR post and several others are gone too.

You can read my early post today that has the complete transcript of the post he was ordered to pull. Also while Dan was out slamming people today he also had a few choice words for AllThingsD writer Kara Swisher

Lyons slammed All Things Digital's Kara Swisher for touting an "exclusive" that Yang was stepping down -- an exclusive that was posted five minutes before Yahoo's official press release -- and then emailing other reporters who failed to note that she "broke" the story. Those highly amusing posts are gone from his site too.

This folks is the ugly side of blogging when you are doing it for a paycheck. Luckily enough I have a great enough boss here at The Inquisitr that this type of thing isn't something I have to worry about.

In the meantime - give 'em hell Dan. You are my hero for the day.