Fisherman Climbs Inside Dead Shark For Prank Photo, Conservationists React Furiously

An Australian fisherman has been roundly criticised after he climbed inside the gutted dead body of a shark that he had killed, and then uploaded the image online.

The unnamed man has clearly forced himself into the body of the shark, before then piercing his arms through the creature’s gills with a knife that is firmly griped in his left hand. He has then smashed the implement onto the sharks’ head, as well as having removed its eyeballs.

The image is thought to be two years old, and it has been on the side of an Australian pub’s wall for all of that time. However, after a radio station publicised the photograph last week, it has since grown in popularity.

John Burns, a radio host at Melbourne 3AW, told his audience, “This fellow has decided as a jape to climb inside the shark with a knife, put his hand through the gills of the shark and pretended to stab it between the eyes.”

However, conservationists have labelled the picture both “hideous and disgusting,” with Nick Baker telling Yahoo! News, “It’s hideous. It’s awful not just in the sense of crawling inside a dead animal, but it’s also very disrespectful.”

The presenter then went on to add, “Some sharks are rarer than the giant panda, and if someone did that to another animal it would be called disgusting. It looks like a tiger shark, which are very rare in the first place – but doing something like this cheapens everything conservationists are trying to do.” He then fumed, “It’s utterly disgusting, but that’s what the world of conservation is up against.”

Nick Baker added that despite possessing a sense of humor, he just couldn’t “see the point” of the photo.”

Do you think that the fisherman’s shark photograph inside the creature is funny? Or should he be ashamed of himself?

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