Pat Robertson Tells Troll How To Exorcise Haunted House [Video]

Pat Robertson gave out some exorcism tips after he got trolled by someone supposedly wanting advice on what to do about their haunted house. The incident from a recent appearance on The 700 Club was posted to YouTube on Tuesday, and you can see it by hitting that button up top.

As YouTube commentator Pointless Bunkum noted: “I came for the stupid but stayed for the crazy.”

An individual wrote to Pat Robertson’s 700 Club asking for help because the house is apparently infested with ghosts doing what ghosts do — flipping the lights on and off, changing the TV channels, and impersonating people with blue lights around their hands and feet.

Robertson really can’t take this question too seriously, and I for one can’t blame him. He doesn’t say, “Troll, begone!”

But he does burst out laughing as he pitches ideas like burning down the house or moving out.

He also reminds the viewer that Christians are not really supposed to believe in ghosts, so there’s that.

So Robertson floats the idea that the house is really infested with demons instead. No use calling in Ghostbusters. It’s time for a good old-fashioned exorcism where you thump the Bible and demand that the entity depart in the name of Jesus.

Actually, I don’t think Pat Robertson’s advice is terrible. If I had a truly fine specimen of an entity, I might try to cash out on it by attracting Ghost Hunters or somebody.

But otherwise I’d do what most other people around here do in that situation: Burn some white candles, light some sage. Call on the name of Jesus if you’re into that, or don’t if you’re not. Seems to work either way.

The YouTube commenters seem pretty entertained that a man who can’t even recognize a troll is giving tips on distinguishing a ghost from a demon.

But I wouldn’t be so sure that the colorful fundamentalist doesn’t know perfectly well what’s going on. “I’d burn the house down and move on,” were after all pretty much the first words out of Pat Robertson’s mouth. Exorcism was a second choice.

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