Norway Killer Anders Behring Breivik Wants To Go To College For Poli Sci

Anders Behring Breivik, Norway’s notorious killer of 77, wants to go to college to study political science.

Breivik is currently serving a 21-year sentence near Oslo University, and apparently thought that he could kill time by getting a college degree while he’s in prison.

The head of the university’s political science institute said that a request for admission had been made by Breivik, that staff are understandably upset about it, and that a decision on whether or not to accept him has not yet been made.

“We don’t know if his candidacy will be accepted,” said one university official.

Aside from the whole mass murder thing, one formal obstacle that might keep Breivik out of the university is his lack of qualifications. He didn’t complete secondary school, so he could technically not be admitted on those grounds.

But some believe it might actually be good for Breivik to pursue a degree, and that political science might be the best thing for him. This is because he’ll be forced to confront his own extremism. Maybe he’ll figure out why it’s bad.

“You cannot tape over the mouths of those you disagree with, or shoot them, and that’s some of what I hope will be a punishment for Breivik. If he wants to relate to these studies and get what he wants, credits, he must do it our way,” said Per Anders Torvik Langerod, a political scientist and politician from the Labour Party’s youth wing.

Breivik is serving 21 years for two attacks he planned and executed in 2011. He killed 77 people, many of them adolescents, in bombing and shooting attacks.

His attacks also left 244 people injured. He tried to justify his crimes, saying that he was trying to stop the “Islamisation” of Norway.

He was convicted of terrorism and premeditated murder, and given the maximum sentence of 21 years in prison.

Do you think that the Norway killer should get to go to college?

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