Anthony Weiner’s Campaign Manager Quits

Anthony Weiner’s campaign manager has quit amid the disgraced politician’s latest scandal. In what some have dubbed Weinergate 2.0, the former congressman admitted this past week to more lewd behavior and sexting outside of marriage.

Weiner’s staff was shocked last week by the mayoral candidate’s latest revelation that he returned to the habit of sending lewd photos to strangers online even after the actions forced him to resign.

Unfortunately, the first casualty of the revelations came to pass when Danny Kedem apparently informed Weiner and the rest of the campaign’s staff that he was quitting.

The New York Times revealed the information on Saturday, citing unnamed sources with close ties to Anthony Weiner’s mayoral campaign. However, Kedem and a spokeswoman for Weiner’s campaign did not comment on the situation.

But if the move is true, it spells out even more doubts for Anthony Weiner’s attempt to return to the political stage. Despite his determination to move on, recent polls also showed Weiner was nowhere near the lead. Before this week’s revelations, Kedem had helped guide Weiner’s campaign to the top of the polls.

The departure of Anthony Weiner’s campaign manager is also interesting, because Kedem recently wrote in press emails that he was “really proud to work for Anthony.” However, it is possible Kedem knew nothing of the potential revelations.

But Anthony Weiner knew of the potential scandal when he launched his bid for Mayor of New York City, notes Yahoo! News. And in a possible premonition, Weiner has said that he wants voters to determine if he deserves a second chance on the political stage. He commented on Thursday:

“Citizens have to decide for themselves whether this personal behavior, when one thing happened or it didn’t happen, is important to them. All I’m saying is that these things were personal in nature. I have worked them out between me and my wife… they’ve been behind me.”

But it appears that Anthony Weiner’s campaign manager may have made his own statement about whether or not the politician deserves a second chance.