The ‘Real’ Carlos Danger Confronts Anthony Weiner [Video]

Anthony Weiner hooked up (as it were) with the “real” Carlos Danger on the streets of New York City yesterday.

In a bit of street theater, a dude wearing a mask and cape confronted the beleaguered Democrat candidate for mayor and asked him a simple question: “Senor Weiner, why did you steal my name?” See embed above.

For those who haven’t kept up with the news or perhaps have been on vacation, Carlos Danger is the pseudonym that the disgraced former congressman used while engaging in online trysts with a number of women. Though Weiner was already stung for a nearly identical scandal for which he had to resign his House seat in June 2011, apparently he thought the superhero-sounding name he invented would keep him from getting caught this time around.

As far as the first scandal is concerned, Weiner initially denied the allegations, suggesting that his account had been hacked. As the evidence against Weiner mounted, he eventually confessed and quit Congress.

Gossip site The Dirty broke the Anthony Wiener nude texting scandal 2.0 this week.

His political comeback may or may not be short lived as his poll ratings in primary appear to be sinking. Moreover, both the left and the right — but particularly many in his own political party — are calling upon the former lawmaker to drop his campaign for mayor. To make matters worse for him, the scandal shows little sign of going away; if Anthony Weiner remains in the race and doesn’t “pull out,” he should be prepared for non-stop criticism and jokes coming his way.

New York City voters seem to have their “hands full” in the upcoming September Democrat primary. Eliot Spitzer, the disgraced former New York governor, a.k.a. Client No. 9, is running for New York City comptroller to seek redemption from his own sex scandal. Spitzer, who increased legal penalties for prostitution as governor, had to resign from office in 2008 after news broke that he paid for sex with prostitutes.

Under the circumstances, would you consider casting a ballot for either of these two candidates?