Sex Toy Theft: Woman Accuses Ex-Girlfriend

A sex toy theft has led to a woman accusing her ex-girlfriend for the crime.

A collection of sex toys in Florida have been stolen from a Stor-All storage unit after the owner of said unit ended a year-long relationship with her girlfriend. Ashley Rivera, 23, contacted Police to inform them that her personal belongings had been taken by someone who had gained access.

According to a detailed report to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, Fort Pierce resident Ashley Rivera revealed the loss of three strap-on dildos among the items stolen, and points the finger at her former partner.

Ashley Rivera stated that her ex-girlfriend had been given access in order to retrieve her own belongings, including electronics, furniture and personal items. The sex toy theft was uncalled-for, she claims, and that she had owned said sex toys prior to the relationship, and her ex-girlfriend had no right to take them.

The ex-girlfriend’s name was withheld by Police until further investigation as they look into the missing sex toys, a pair of handcuffs, and important documents removed from the storage unit.

Ashley Rivera attempted to contact her ex-girlfriend in an effort to retrieve the stolen items, assuming the ex had taken said items as a way to try to get back together with her. It would be the equivalent of taking a prized pair of shoes to force one’s ex to talk to you and get them back. The attempt to contact her ex-girlfriend was unsuccessful, and she was forced to take legal action in regards to the sex toy theft.

The value of the combined stolen goods, over $300, was large enough to be considered a Grand Theft case, and as such, has warranted an investigation.

The victim of the sex toy theft had been previously involved in a bust involving trespassing and criminal mischief, and there could be more to this than Ashley Rivera might be letting on.

Could the sex toy theft have been an accidental oversight?