Dude With 22 Kids By 14 Women May Get Reality Show

The Nashville man who fathered 22 kids by 14 different women may star in his own reality TV show.

Orlando Shaw, 33, made headlines last month when he was interviewed outside the courthouse after a child support hearing, and the compelling video went viral. Shaw is unemployed and owes thousands of dollars in child support for his offspring. In the meantime, the state of Tennessee, i.e., the taxpayer, has been paying about $7,000 to help support Shaw’s kids.

At the time, when the reporter for Nashville’s NewsChannel 5 asked him how he got into this situation, the prolific dad said, “I was young and ambitious and I loved women. Hey, you can’t knock no man for loving women.” He also said with obvious pride (and with the results that prove it) that “the ladies don’t like me, they love me.”

Shaw has denied being a deadbeat dad, but nonetheless his cash flow situation may be improving with a reality show offer on the table. Shaw told NewsChannel 5 this week that “I’ve had a lot of people from Hollywood calling me.” Apparently there is a contract in place because Shaw “recently signed a production deal with a prominent Los Angeles agency for a reality show. Any money he does make on the show will be garnished to pay for his children.”

When asked about the idea of getting a vasectomy, Shaw said “Have you seen the movie War Horse? I’m a war horse and I don’t want to be cut down there and it won’t work the right way no more.”

While Shaw has vowed not to have any more kids, it turns out that he is about to become a grandfather. His 16-year-old daughter is pregnant, and dad is not necessarily pleased. “I have babies for her. If she wanted a baby, daddy has plenty for us.”